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Oh God Of Vengeance

Praise God! I used to be a chairman of Landlord Association in an estate. I was in charge of settling dispute between the landlords and Land grabbers (Omo Onile). As time went on, I was getting so much attacks from the so called Land grabbers (Omo Onile) because i never allowed them collect money from the landlords.

When the attack was so much i decided to call the attention of my pastor “Joachim Aigbe” to what was going on and he asked me and my family to pray. One particular month, the (Omo Onile) decided to carry out a ritual. On that day they came to the front of my house and started chanting incantations.

Today as am talking to you the God of vengeance whom i serve visited all the people that took part in that ritual and they are all dead. As if that was not enough, there was a man that the Land Grabbers (Omo Onile) uses to deliver their messages, who vowed that none of my children will make it.

Today my children are doing well and progressing. During the attack my brand new car was damaged and I told pastor about it and he said I should sell it and use the money for sacrifice. Which I obeyed. Three month ago i came to him again and told him that I needed a car and the money I have was not enough and he told me that we don’t use money to buy car, its with faith and we prayed .After the prayer he said i saw a car coming. Lo and behold am here with the car. I give God praise. – Elder John

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