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Visa Granted

I have been favoured beyond measures. it has been two years now since i applied for a visa to Belgium but I was been declined. Every time it will be from one story to another. I have gone from one place to the other for prayers but there was no result, the story was still the same.

I even went as far as paying for prayers but all to no avail. But since I joined this commission two months ago, my life has totally changed. During services the servant of God usually prophesies to those beside me and at the end He will not see anything concerning me.

I always feel troubled anytime this happens, unknown to be, I didn’t know God was secretly turning things around for me. Last Sunday during the praise session, God’s servant us to dance and praise God like never before. I took God by His word and danced to the extent that my sister that I came with had to ask if I am drunk and I relied that yes, that I’m drunk in Holy Spirit.

Beloved after that encounter, what I have been looking for, for the past two years took only a week to manifest. On Saturday I got a call from the Belgium embassy that my visa has been approved and that anytime I wish I can travel. Since last Sunday I have been enjoying unmerited favour. – Mrs Otaigbe

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