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Death Averted

On the 27 of October, I was at work when I got a call that my son fell from a storey building, I was scared and panicking rushed down to the hospital where they took him to. When I saw the state he was I became so afraid, blood was coming out his mouth, nostrils and was panting for breath. We were referred to another hospital.

Before then I have been calling God’s servant but he was not picking, later he finally picked and I told him what happened and I also said that my child most not die because if he does that will be a shame to the ministry.

He prayed for the child and said I should calm down that the child will not die. Tests and x-tray were carried out on my son’s head and was discovered that he has blood in his brains and also fractured skull but to the Glory of God my son was supernaturally healed and the recovering was amazement to everyone. I just want to give all Glory to God keeping my son alive.

Secondly 2018 has been the best year for me so far, it’s a year I will also live to remember in my life. I remember the beginning of this year; daddy said many of us will own property that we don’t expect. I keyed into that prophesy. To my greatest surprise, I was given a house worth 15million naira as a gift. This is how I became a landlady over night without knowing the cost of a bag of cement and block. – Sis. Omoh

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