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Healed Of Kidney Disease

Last year I had a medical challenge which I had to travel out the country to undergo a surgery to remove a damaged kidney. The surgery was successful and there was no be problem or complications I decided to come back home even after series of warnings and revelation from friends and family that I should not come back because they saw death before me.

I ignored and came back. Things became bad and worst financially and also in my health. It got so bad that my wife had to leave with the kids back to her parents place. When the situation became unbearable i decided to write the hospital where I did my surgery in U.S and I was asked to come for check-up and treatment.

I couldn’t go because there was no money. I even reached out to an uncle who promised to assist but upon getting there, he sent me away that there is nothing he can do. I became so worried that I decided to go a diagnostic centre to know what exactly the problem is. After running some tests I was told that I had inflammatory disease and if not taken care of urgently it will affect the other kidney. I was so scared and thinking that the end has come for me.

So I decided to reach to a pastor in this church who later connected me with the servant of God pastor Joachim Aigbe. He laid his hand on me and prayed over bottle water and I drank it. Immediately I felt unease in my stomach, so I rushed down to the toilet and excreted thick blood.

When I was done I went back to the same diagnostic centre where I did the first test and I was told that everything is back to normal and that the inflammatory disease is no more there and kidney is in perfect condition. Everybody was surprised and amazed. I just want to give God all the Glory for healing me. – Bro Olusamuel

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